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Rapport du séminaire RAFPRO de 2021

Atelier régional de partage du RAFPRO : Les modes alternatifs de financement de la formation professionnelle en Afrique face aux défis du futur - AFTERMOVIE

The African Network of Institutions and Vocational Training Funds (RAFPRO) and 3FPT organised in November 2021, in Saly-Portudal, Senegal, a regional workshop on the financing of vocational training for its members and multiple stakeholders, public and private, in the vocational training in Africa.

The general objective of the workshop is, through high-level exchanges between managers and experts of the RAFPRO, actors from public and private sector and civil society, as well as technical and financial partners, to deepen the concepts, tools, current practices and methods likely to improve and diversify the strategies for mobilizing and managing funding within the Network.

In order to organize this event, the RAFPRO mobilized its technical and financial partners who joined in a Committee to support the various aspects of the organization:

  • the Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation (LuxDev) & VET Toolbox
  • the Archipelago program of the European Union (EU)
  • the International Labor Organization (ILO)
  • the Africa office of IIEP-UNESCO, in Dakar.

–> Read the report of this regional workshop (in French)