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Vocational Education and Training (VET) can support decent work and inclusive growth by providing people with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

VET Toolbox is an international facility aiming to improve the effectiveness of VET systems by making them more opportunity-driven, turning investments into drivers for inclusive economic growth, social development, and decent job creation.

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Evidence-based VET & labour market reform

The best way to improve VET systems and achieve objectives is to understand the effectiveness of current trainings and to identify gaps and challenges. We take action based on this evidence.

Private sector involvement in VET

Private companies know best what skills are needed on the labour market. We build bridges to make sure structured mechanisms are in place to ensure a strong, active and institutional participation of private sector in VET systems.

Inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion

We innovate within the VET sector to ensure that no one is left behind. We work for the inclusion of individuals belonging to disadvantage groups, experiencing poverty and exclusion from the labour market.

Increasing local benefits from European investments through VET and skills development

VET Toolbox services accompany increasing European investments in African countries, to multiply local benefits and address skills gap.

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When designing VET programmes, a thorough understanding of market dynamics and employer needs is key. Labour market programming and analysis have become a key ingredient in informing VET and labour market policies. VET Toolbox is sharing its expertise on this topic and offering ,guidance.

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VET Toolbox stands for inclusive action. “Leaving no one behind” is a principle behind every VET Toolbox activity, while dedicated actions such as pilot grant projects focus on VET for people at risk of exclusion such as women, persons with disabilities, refugees or youth living in rural areas.

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VET Toolbox offers demand-driven VET that does not stop at graduation but leads to the integration of people into the labour market. Finding (self-) employment is the ultimate objective and an inherent step in the VET journey. Key elements to achieve employment are labour market analysis, private sector involvement, equipping people with technical but also soft, life and business skills, and on-the-job training.

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Engaging the private sector in VET to ensure that training is demand driven and fit for purpose is key to the development of current and future workforce and to the economic and social well-being of countries – it is a central strand of the work of VET Toolbox, whereby a variety of approaches are used to effectively engage industry and employers of all shapes and sizes in a skills system.

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VET governance includes and highly depends on financing. A solid governance and sustainable financing are the base for effectively running (and modernising) VET – although highly challenged by various economic and social factors. VET Toolbox is addressing VET policy development and governance striving for an impactful reformation at system level.

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As society moves towards a more sustainable and technology-driven future, individuals need to be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in the job market and contribute to the twin green and digital transitions. VET Toolbox guides developing the crucial skills for navigating and achieving these transitions.

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