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Analyse du marché de l’emploi : quel modèle convient à votre situation ?


On 12 November 2020 VET Toolbox hosted a webinar on Labour Market Assessment:

To be successful, employment policies and programmes must be informed by a strong understanding of the local labour market. This may include information on growing sectors, existing job vacancies, skills needed in the private sector, working conditions, etc.. Since there is no single type of assessment to understand employment and labour market dynamics, practitioners must be able to identify the most suitable type of assessment(s) for their context and needs.

This webinar will provide an overview of different types of labour market assessment and introduce relevant criteria to facilitate the choice of the appropriate instrument. Keynote speaker Kevin Hempel is the Founder and Managing Director of Prospera Consulting. He supports governments, bilateral and multilateral development organizations as well as international NGOs in the design, implementation and evaluation of employment policies and programmes, especially for disadvantaged groups such as youth, women and refugees.

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Our speakers answered the pending questions that came up during the webinar. Find the answers here.