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Extended Reality (XR) in TVET

VR virtual reality

What is it about?

The Extended Reality (XR) VET Toolbox knowledge products are tools to integrate XR into VET institutions or projects and to understand the current status quo of XR use in VET development projects.

How does it work?

The information is available through a Manual and a Stocktaking Report.

The Manual is a central document for practitioners who want to implement Extended Reality (XR) in their institution or VET project. It gives a comprehensive introduction to XR technologies, presents the advantages and challenges of immersive learning, how to implement XR technologies in learning environments, and presents interesting case studies and best practices.

The Stocktaking Report presents the current status quo regarding XR use in the nexus of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in development cooperation. It gives an overview of XR terminology and the differentiation between its sub-groups. The key findings of a desk study assessing the current level of XR application in VET and 11 interviews with professionals working with XR technology in the context of VET are summarised in this report. To complement this perspective, three projects in which XR in VET has been or is successfully being piloted in development cooperation are presented as case studies.

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