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Enhancing commercial farming in the Shire valley


The development objective of the Shire Valley Transformation Programme for Malawi is to increase agricultural productivity and commercialisation for targeted households in the Shire Valley; and to improve the sustainable management and utilisation of natural resources.

The programme aims to provide large-scale irrigation infrastructure and to develop human capital.


The Enhancing Commercial Farming in the Shire Valley project focuses on establishing and piloting a framework for developing skilled human resources to support agricultural commercialisation through the Shire Valley Transformation Programme.

The project is establishing a dialogue mechanism between employers, training providers and government and using this to inform the development of needs-based, practical training on an ongoing basis. The project is being delivered in the Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts of Southern Malawi.

Expected main outcomes

The action will create the conditions to deliver:

  • 400+ people trained in practical placements
  • 280+ people in decent jobs
  • 4 VET Centres with increased capacity with increased capacity to deliver fit-for-purpose agricultural-skills development
  • 20 VET trainers trained

VET Toolbox in Malawi - Interview with Penjani Nyirenda, British Council