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AGEVEC: Academy for heavy and commercial vehicles

AGEVEC Senegal Academy Heavy Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles


In all sectors of activity, companies in Senegal have needs for services and supply chains that use heavy machinery (transport and delivery logistics services). In addition, some sectors of activity (mining, construction and public works) are based on the use of motorized equipment.

The availability of skilled labour force for the operation and maintenance of machinery is therefore an important issue to support economic development opportunities and investments. However, the supply of training in these areas is very insufficient to meet all the companies’ needs.


  • To strengthen the technical capacities of companies’ personnel (continuous and initial training)
  • To facilitate the integration of young people in the professions of driving and maintenance of heavy machinery (sustainable agriculture, rural entrepreneurs and agroindustry sectors in particular)

Expected change / impact

  • Improvement of the competitiveness of companies.
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration enhancing the complementarities between 2 sectoral training centers and companies, involved in the creation of the training offer (design, implementation, certification).
  • Improvement of the adequacy between the needs of companies and the skills of young people.

Strategy and activities

Two training centers, managed in public-private partnership with the professional branches, and a European company supplying heavy machinery are therefore engaged in the structuring of a reinforced training offer for the maintenance and driving of machinery.
The training offer will be dedicated to both initial training (training of young people, future company recruits) and continuing education (training of company employees).

The activities of AGEVEC will thus be to:

  • Elaborate the training curricula with the companies, allowing to reinforce the available competences.
  • Deploy in the 2 training centers the conditions of realization of the training (installation of workshops and contribution of material).
  • Enroll learners and accompany them on training trajectories leading to their professional integration.

Expected main outcome

The action aims at training 180 people:

  • 180 people in initial training, with prospects of decent employment in the companies.
  • 300 people in continuous training, reinforcing their skills and securing their jobs. The training will be based on 3 new training modules, for which 20 trainers will be selected and capacitated.

VET Toolbox in Senegal (AGEVEC) - Interview with Noémie Ginter, LuxDev