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‘Unboxing VET Toolbox’: Internal Debrief and Learning Workshop

In 22 and 23 November 2022, VET Toolbox organised an Internal Debrief and Learning Workshop in Brussels to close the first VET Toolbox programme, coming to an end on December 2022, and reflect on its five years of implementation. Representatives from the five VET Toolbox partner agencies (the British Council, Expertise France/Groupe AFD, GIZ, LuxDev, and Enabel), the European Commission (DG INTPA and a representative from the EU Delegation to Malawi), and VET experts from Sub Saharan African countries were invited to take an active participation role in the workshop.

During the 1.5-day workshop, participants identified and exchanged on the lessons learned from VET Toolbox implementation and performance, with a focus on the three pillars of the programme 1: Public-private partnership, Inclusion and Labour market analysis, and identified the lessons learned on the partnership approach, including the interagency collaboration, coordination, and co-implementation.