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Regional seminar on public-private partnerships


From 19 to 21 March 2018, the VET Toolbox, through LuxDev, participated in a regional seminar to exchange and strengthen public-private partnerships (PPP) in vocational education in Africa. Over three days, participants worked to:

  • Enable key players in VET from 18 African countries to share their experiences to strengthen the quality and performance of the public-private partnership in their sector.
  • Strengthen the dialogue between public and private sector actors.
  • Stimulate the networking approach by sharing practical experiences.
  • Deepen the practical and functional understanding of crucial aspects of PPP development through sessions focused on current sub-themes for African countries engaged in the renovation of their vocational training system.
  • Produce a summary document.

More than 100 participants from 18 African countries were involved. The regional seminar was a collaboration between LuxDev, PEFOP (IIPE Pole de Dakar) and IFEF.