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Life skills and work readiness in VET

Life skills and work readiness in VET

What is it about?

After completing vocational-educational training many graduates still lack basic life skills to start their work life. Thus, many companies feel they are left to invest considerable time and effort to get VET trained workers ready to take up the job roles for which they were hired. Work readiness and life skills are social skills such as a person’s attitude and motivation to work and learn on-the-job (work ethics), working independently as well as collaborating in teams, solving problems and taking reasoned decisions, showing creativity and flexibility, and demonstrate critical thinking.

How does it work?

This short guide informs on ‘work readiness and life skills’. It gives on overview on what skills are referred to and in which way can you improve these. The guide gives special attention to deficiencies in basic numeracy and literacy. Obstacles in addressing a lack in these skills are also touched upon.

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