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Career Guidance

Career Guidance

What is this tool about?

In a changing world of work, skills to navigate the labour market become ever more important. Career guidance (CG) aims to assist individuals to acquire the knowledge, information, skills, and experience necessary to make educational, training and occupational choices and to make informed career decisions.

As an element of active labour market policy, CG can help to reduce the mismatch between labour supply and demand and to promote (re)integration of marginalized groups into training and employment. How to choose the right CG service under the given framework conditions? This tool comprised a rich array of tools and instruments as well as experiences and lessons learnt from various countries.

How does it work?

The tool includes the theoretical background of CG as well as selected tools and monitoring and evaluation approaches. It provides stakeholders from schools, public sector institutions and development partners with relevant theories, instruments, practices, and professional competencies and standards for the design of CG, the implementation and evaluation.

Would you like to know more?

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