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Closing Event – Mozambique project

On the 9th of November, VET Toolbox’s Skills for Transport project celebrated its 17-month journey, highlighting successes and sharing stories of achievement. The event, attended by 50 participants, featured key partners, and project beneficiaries, including GIZ, ESSOR, ACB, government officials, private sector representatives (transport companies), VET centres, and young individuals and transport SMEs directly impacted by the project.

Key results celebrated include:

  • Increased visibility of VET centres in the transport industry and the establishment of partnerships between VET centres and transport companies.
  • Strengthened capacity of VET centres’ employment departments, enhancing their ability to negotiate partnerships and secure more internships and entry-level jobs for graduates.
  • A total of 319 young people received training in employability skills for the transport and logistics sectors, incorporating soft skills, work readiness, digital skills, and sector-specific knowledge, including health and safety.
  • 242 youths gained internship opportunities, aiding final-year trainees in obtaining official certification and providing work experience for already graduated individuals, thereby increasing their chances of securing employment.
  • 121 transport SMEs are now better equipped to compete for business opportunities after completing training on bidding for open competitions launched by lead companies.
  • The creation and execution of a sector-specific Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) facilitated collaboration between local businesses and VET centres, promoting demand-oriented training, sharing opportunities, and fostering partnerships.

The closing event concluded with a sustainability session involving a group of project partners, aiming to plan for the future and express commitment to continuing the initiated actions. Partners discussed capacity building, relationship building, and the positive changes observed during the project, sharing intentions for ongoing efforts.