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Closing Event – Uganda project

The closing event of the VET Toolbox Uganda project, held on the 23rd of November at UTC Lira, was attended by 129 participants from various organisations, including development and implementing partners, partner ministries, leaders from Lira City, solar companies, principals, and trainers from 6 VTIS & Technical colleges, as well as beneficiaries.

The agenda included remarks from GIZ’s WE4D Head of Programme and the Mayor of Lira City, a project overview and achievements presentation, sharing of beneficiary testimonials, showcasing of skills acquired from the training by the beneficiaries, visiting market booths for solar companies, presentation of lessons learned and policy recommendations, as well as a panel discussion on the same.

Key project milestones include:

  • 101 beneficiaries trained in Solar PV and Advanced Operation and Maintenance of minigrids, all provided with toolkits (38% Female, 47% Youth). 64% of these individuals were placed into internships.
  • 346 beneficiaries (42% Female) trained in both business and technical skills on the Productive Use of Electricity (PUE). Fifty-nine of these were further supported to acquire appliances through the matching grant.
  • 31 VET Trainers (38% Female) were trained.
  • 6 VET centres were supported with the required training equipment.
  • Public Private Dialogue through the Sustainable Business for Uganda Platform (SB4U).
  • Curriculum for Advanced Operation and Maintenance of solar minigrids developed and currently being reviewed by DIT – Directorate of Industrial Training for approval.